World's first

The HTBH HempGuard is the...

1. World's First biodegradable HVAC filter

The HempGuard is the world's first biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable HVAC filter. This allows the HempGuard to be recycled using state and municipal recycling methods and procedures. This design choice also ensures that the environmental impact of the HempGuard will be significantly less than any other filter on the market.

2. World's First self-pleating filter

The HempGuard is the world's first self pleating HVAC filter. Using advanced material science engineering, the filter media self-pleats over time. This self-pleating action increases the surface area with which the HempGuard is able to clean your air, thus decreasing the pressure drop and reducing the wear-and-tear on your HVAC system, all while saving money on your electric bill.

3. World's First all plant-based air filter

The HempGuard engineers Mother Nature’s material for a better world, making it the world’s first plant-based filter, embracing the Vegan philosophy.

4. World's First HVAC filter that cannot be installed incorrectly - fool-proof installation guaranteed!

Using Lean Six Sigma methodology, and inspired by the Japanese error-prevention method known as Poka Yoke, the HempGuard has been specifically engineered with fool-proof installation in mind. Traditional HVAC air filters can only be used correctly by installing the filter in the correct direction, based on the direction of airflow. This can often be confusing when installing your filter. Therefore, the HempGuard was designed so it can be installed with airflow entering the filter from either side, this eases installation and gives you more peace of mind while installing the HempGuard. 

5. World's First to use hemp as filter media

The HempGuard is the world's first HVAC filter using hemp media. Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, the only one of its kind in the MERV 8 category. Other filters use a synthetic chemical spray to achieve their anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, but the HempGuard does not, lessening the impact to the environment and the consumer.

6. World's First 6-month filter

The HempGuard is the world’s first HVAC allergen filter that lasts 6 months.  ORT Data show 4500 hours of useful life, MTBF 4500 hours with MTTR of 2 minutes