Hempguard Instructions For Use

  1. UNPACKING: Remove HempGuard from package and recycle all packing material.

  2. INSTALLING: Remove old filter from HVAC system, and slide or insert the HempGuard into the filter housing. Do not be concerned with filter orientation, since there is no wrong way to install it.

  3. CLEANING: Every 4 weeks (or 30 days), remove the HempGuard from its housing, go outdoors, and clean the filter using a brush (pictured below) to remove the adhered particulate matter. This step is important, as this will provide cleaner air to your home, and it will save you money on your electric bill by increasing your HVAC efficiency.

  4. DISPOSING: After about four months, dispose of the HempGuard in the following ways:
    1. Place it in your home composting heap.
    2. Place it in your recycling bin.
    3. Donate it to your local nursery, where it can be used as a prophylactic weed suppressor or mulch.
    4. At last resort, place the HempGuard in your trash bin, as it will degrade in the landfill.