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Hip To Be Hemp, LLC, was founded in August 2014 by Armando C. Ramos – Founder, CEO/CTO.

     Armando has degrees from the University of Arizona in psychology and statistics. In addition, Armando earned a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University, and published his Master’s thesis in the area of human factors engineering. Armando also served in the US Army  as MOS 11-Delta Infantry Recon Specialist Grade E-5

     Armando was first introduced to hemp in Japan over 30 years ago. In addition to working as a senior statistician for Mitsubishi Silicon America in Japan, Armando learned how to grow and process hemp. In 2014, Armando launched his fist hemp product and received his first patent for the world’s first hemp evaporative cooler pad.

     Then, in September 2018, HTBH LLC developed the world’s first hemp HVAC allergen air filter. Soon after, the filter was patented and fully tested by an independent ISO 3rd party lab.

     In October 2018, Armando and his HempGuard became finalists in Jefferson Hospital's fourth-ever JAZ Tank cannaVATION contest in Philadelphia. 

     Of note and of interest is the HTBH philosophy of providing the most environmentally and socially conscious consumer products on the market today. Currently, the HTBH team is also working on including zero-impact frustration-free packaging, leading the industry in this arena. HTBH has a strong belief in diversity, and has created a multi-generational team who all bring unique experiences and perspectives to further the mission of using industrial hemp to better our lives and our world.

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